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        Responsibly say: a good brand is the best link to link the three parties and win-win cooperation

        In May, Zhengrun machinery welcomed several old friends, including users from Canada and sales partners in Shanghai.


        Our cooperation began five years ago. In 2012, Canadian users needed to purchase cover machine. After the recommendation and introduction of Shanghai foreign trade company, Canadian users purchased Zhengrun afm540 automatic cover machine.

        Partners in Shanghai and users in Canada. 

        partners from Shanghai and clients from Canada。

        Thank you for the real photos provided by Canadian users.

        Thanks for the reality shoots that kindly provided by clients from Canada 。

        Taking China's geographical location as a reference, Canada is about 8000 kilometers away from China.

        When users 8000 kilometers away choose Zhengrun products for the first time, it is because of the recommendation and introduction of Shanghai partners.

        Then, the second cooperation is the proof of Zhengrun's product quality.

        In May 2017, Canadian users took the initiative to purchase the second cover machine without any hesitation.

        The cover produced by Zhengrun automatic cover machine, the customer said that the quality was stable and the production was smooth.

        As clients say that the covers produced by Zhengrun fully automatic book cover machinery are in stable quality and smooth production. 

        The folders produced by Zhengrun automatic cover machine have various sizes and models, which are exquisite and beautiful.

        The folders that produced by Zhengrun fully automatic book cover machinery can not only be in various sizes and models, but also exquisite and beautiful. 

        There are many such friendly cooperation cases in Zhengrun,

        Zhengrun believes that such a harmonious situation lies not only in Zhengrun's operation and product output,

        Thanks to the trust of partners in Zhengrun,

        Thanks to users' close contact with the Chinese market and their careful understanding after contact.

        The friendliness and trust of the three parties have built the most stable cooperative triangular relationship.

        Before the brands of domestic packaging machinery were mature,

        Zhengrun machinery began to open up the road of overseas marketing early.

        Over the years, in more than 80 countries and regions around the world,

        Zhengrun has met a large number of partners, users and more mutual aid sales teams.

        Zhengrun global sales diagram. Click to enlarge to view the global sales regions.

        Diagram of Zhengrun worldwild sales maket, click to enlarge it, then you can see the worldwild area of Zhengrun sales market 。

        As an equipment supplier in the first link of the supply chain, Zhengrun's constant business belief is:

        1、 With high responsibility, Zhengrun is keeping providing what you need; 

        2、 Just like Zhengrun,clients are also suppliers, so Zhengrun gurantee clients' product quality with its own quality. 

        3、Devote all our heart to keep longterm cooperation, and make each side of the cooperation be in happiness. 

        For the partners and users who will cooperate with Zhengrun in the future, Zhengrun wants to tell you:

        The global market is immeasurably large,

        Choose to cooperate with brands with both strength and influence,

        It is the most effective shortcut to harvest the market.

        ——I look forward to drinking the celebration wine with you.

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